To explain the maintenance of all aspects of automotive brake accessories

2017-03-23 1011

Now most of the car family, although the brake system is very important, but often do not know enough, so that some unusual circumstances, such as: brake abnormal sound, deviation, lack of braking force, brake pedal soft, abnormal braking wear Wait. There are several reasons for the root causes of these problems:
1 brake film normal wear and tear of the powder in the vicinity of the brake pump, temporary cleaning will cause abnormal sound.
2 When traveling on gravel pavement, local particulates will splash between pieces and discs, causing abnormal or abnormal wear.
3 brake disc silencer and shock absorber for a long time is not clean and lubricated, will cause the brake abnormal sound.
4 pump sliding shaft of the dust cover if damaged, when the puddle or mud pit caused when the pump shaft rust, the pump is not homing, braking force decreased, brake deviation.

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